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Who I Am

Lukas M. Soto Consulting is the solo project Lukas embarked on in late 2020, as a means to begin visioning, dreaming, and calling-in the greater body of work they seek to do in the world. Lukas brings nearly a decade of experience working on a variety of projects with clients in the government, medical, education, business, and nonprofit sectors. The work they engage in centers three integral values: Healing, Community, and Justice, helping the individuals they work with to be empowered, self-determined, actualized, and sovereign people, no matter what intersection of reality they move in.

Lukas has a wide professional skill-set ranging from leadership development, mentorship, executive leadership coaching, policy development, strategic planning, facilitation & training, event planning, cultural audits, capacity building, research and data collection, hiring and retention practices, community engagement and outreach, affinity-based caucusing, organizational culture change, implementation of equity strategy, group decision-making, grant-writing, and much more. 

Lukas utilizes storytelling, collective visioning, critical pedagogy, popular education, design-thinking, ancestral knowledge, and a variety of other interdisciplinary practices that combine critical thinking, creativity, art, empathy, and deep love for the people to provide a heart-centered & spirit-led experience for the clients they collaborate with.

Lukas' primary goal is to center, uplift, empower, and activate the highest potential for transgender, two-spirit, intersex, gender non-conforming, queer, Indigenous, Black, Pasifika/Oceania, Latine/Hispanic, Asian, immigrant, refugee, disabled, neurodivergent, mentally ill, recovering addicts, survivors of trauma and abuse, sex workers, incarcerated, economically disadvantaged, and all the other segments of the population that are often forgotten, erased, and marginalized to not only succeed, but thrive.

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